Thursday, July 9, 2009

20+ Hours of Sample Data

Full day activity image (click image for clear view)

Here is an almost full day (~20hrs?) of activity, starting in mid-morning.

It includes (in order) a ~10 min bike ride, a walk and ~5 min bike ride an hour later, an early afternoon nap (clearly visible in full-size image approx 1/3rd from left), and an eventual ~6-8hrs of broken sleep (dark right side).

Here is the tab-delimited parsed data:

Here is a gzipped raw binary dump of the 200kbyte data memory (that I know of). You can try to parse all my unknown data structure fields from this if you like Sudoku.

OBSERVATION: This dump had 1121 data records. I wore the armband something like 20 hours. That comes to 56 records per hour, which adds some evidence to my 1 record/minute estimate.

OBSERVATION: this data dump came in one continuous data record table. I believe this is because I put the armband on and kept it on for the entire day. I think a new data record table is started whenever the armband is put on.

OBSERVATION: this one day of data took ~50kbyte of device memory. The device must have more than the 200kbyte memory I know about.

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